Local Produce

Eating Local

One of the great things about living in France is there is always so much going on & the French love to socialise as a community. Nearby to where we are staying is Le Dorat and we were invited by our friends Dawn & Steve to join them at the Marche de Producteurs event. IMG_2414

These happen all around France & normally happen on an evening and all the local food producers have stalls and so you always know you are getting local produce.

BBQ Time

Maybe I have not got out enough back in the UK but I have never seen this before. You go to the various stalls, some selling chicken products, others pork and others beef. You could even have snails if you wanted. You would then pay for your meat and then stand in the queue to have your meat barbecued by the caterers.

IMG_2412Elsewhere you could get your cheese, salad & chips & baguettes to have a veritable feast.

Community & Family Time

Once you got your food ( did I mention you can also get local wine & beers ) you go and sit on communal tables and enjoy the food & chat. A band plays in the background and it is a wonderful occasion in the evening sunshine.

What is really great to see is everyone is there with their families and even though the alcohol is flowing, it is is all in great spirits & a great time is had by all.

Give It A Try

These are held all around the country and if you look on the website  Marches-Producteurs , you can see what is on in your area of France.


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