But Why Do You Want To Relocate To France ?

A Question Often Asked

Whenever we have said to people about our plans about moving to France, we have often being asked why we were doing it and about to leave a business and a comfortable lifestyle for the great unknown of moving to another country. A lot of times the question is asked with a mixture of incredulity and often with the tone of what crazy people we must be to even think of doing such a thing.

Sometimes It Is Just Right

I am a big believer that things happen for a reason and so when Hazel suspected large scale redundancies would be coming at her organisation, the seeds of a plan starting sprouting in our minds. Downsizing might have had to be an option for us and as one, IMG_1051we both suggested about the possibility of doing that but doing it by moving to France.

In addition I had just gone through a bad period with my business with horrendous hours and I was coming to the way of thinking that there must be a better way to get a better balance in your life. The France option would offer us this we thought.

It Was Amanda Lamb That Made Me Us Do It

I confess we had watched programmes like ” A Place In The Sun ” and ” Escape to the Chateau ” and ” A New Life In The Sun ” and nothing ever seemed to go wrong to interrupt the idyllic lifestyle they lived and we thought we would like to experience similar. We are both realists but at the same time, we thought a move to France would enable us to have a more relaxed lifestyle and also chance to experience something new in our lives.

No Regrets

Throughout all of this process, we have always had in our minds that if we did not take the opportunity when it presented itself, we would in 5 years time just be saying ” If only we had taken that chance to move to France when we had chance ” . In the late summer of 2017 when we started looking into this, it was a perfect storm of everything lining up , if we were not going to do it now, we would never get a better opportunity.

There Is Always A Way

As with a lot of things in life, obstacles will get put in your way and so you either go around them or you find ways to remove them. You will always have a lot of ” Negative Normans ” giving you reasons not to do something, don’t let them hold you back. This picture is rather apt ! IMG_1037


  1. Will be reading this with interest and many memories of my own relocation and time in France. Hope you have a fantastic time and happy to help with any questions – although one of the best parts of the adventure is finding it out yourselves.

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    • Thanks Brian, all going well so far. Still in rented accommodation at the moment but will hopefully move to our permanent home in next couple of months and the adventure can really begin then as we put down roots in a French community.


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